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"Get Amazing Fully Personalized & Customized Socks for your Team or for Promotion"

Customized socks are socks that you can have knitted according to your needs, whether it’s in terms of color, design, size, style or fabric.

Custom made socks can be ordered for various purposes, including school stores, sport clubs, promotional items, family reunions, music merchadising, etc …

They are usually available in three models: The shortest are ankle socks, which are also called quarter socks and can be found in a couples variations (the model called no-show is slightly shorter than the other). Crew socks are normal calf-length socks. As for tube socks socks they are knee-length socks that are mostly used for team sports.

Before ordering custom socks, you should consider a few elements:

If the socks you need are for dress, work or casual purpose, you can just select a fabric that is comfortable and don’t need to worry about anything else. But, if you need socks for a sport, that’s another story: you need socks that are resistant and comfy, whether it’s warm, cold or humid and, most importantly, that can prevent blisters. In that case, you should order technical socks, which contrary to cotton, have a wick-moisture away capability that protects from blisters; for your information, good technical socks are usually made of 85% Ultra Wicking Acrylic, 10% Spadex and 5% Nylon.

While, regarding the model, you should do your homework and know what you want, most particularly if it’s for a sport team, you should also ensure that these socks are 100% customizable: you should be able to get your logo and/or text of your choice on any side of the sock and, also, be able to pick the color you want.

When it comes to lead time, you shouldn’t have to wait more than 8 weeks, which leaves you enough time to plan ahead. Most companies deliver between 4 and 8 weeks.

When it comes to price, it mostly depends on the size of the order, with minimum quantities between 100 and 200 pairs however you can probably find lower or higher prices. Here is another essential tip about prices that you should take into consideration: most companies charge a set-up fee (we don't) that they don’t include when they give you a price per pair. Therefore, the price per unit is higher than what they show; rather go for custom sock manufacturers like us that do not charge any set-up fee so you know what the real price is!

Now that you have all these elements, you should be able to find good customized socks ...


  • High Quality: Our socks are made of 85% Ultra Wicking Acrylic, 10% Spadex and 5% Nylon
  • Lower Prices: We are cheaper than our competitors and there is no hidden fees with us
  • 100% customizable: We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers of REAL custom socks. This means that we will make your socks specifically for you, according to your requirements — the model, color, design and size you want! — and that your logo/design will be woven into the sock … contrary to most other companies that just do logo embroidery on cheap models they already have in stock.
  • Fast turnaround: We can deliver your socks as fast as 8 weeks or in 4 weeks with a rush
  • All sizes: Our socks are stretch-to-fit but we can also create any size you want
  • American-based: We work with US and international clients and can ship anywhere in the world
  • We are cheaper: Not only we are cheaper but we will beat any price — e-mail us for a quote ...


"I ordered and received 120 pairs of custom socks and I just love them. Delivery was fast, and the product is great. They are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. Great job."

"Got my socks yesterday; very quick delivery from one coast to another as usual! They work! Not only do I wear these with my bike shoes but I always wear them to work now as well, they just work so well at keeping my feet dry."


  • Step 1: Select your model: click your sport or model in the navigation or check out the template below
  • Step 2: Select the colors
  • Step 3: Select the text
  • Step 4: Select the quantity you need - minimum is 120 pairs of the same model (this means we cannot take order for less than 120 pairs and all socks should be identical within the same order)
  • Step 5: Attach your logo and e-mail us!


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