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What are custom tube socks for

As you might have noticed tube socks are not your average sock and you might wonder what they are used for. Well, custom made tube socks are mostly based for 2 purposes:  sports and fashion.

When it comes to sports, they are used for team sports such as soccer, hockey, football, softball, baseball, lacrosse (along crew socks), volleyball, basketball (along crew socks) and rugby. As you can see it is quite an extensive list and regarding designs, it varies from one sport to the other; for example, ruby socks tend to feature stripe, softball socks have fun colors and logos while baseball socks are usually plain.

In terms of fashion, custom tube socks are mostly associated to the goth/punk look among girls, which means they are usually black with designs featuring skulls, etc … (you can see an example on the right).

Custom Hockey Socks Basics

Hockey is one of these sports where apparel is important. Players should not only wear the colors of their team but their team logo should be showcased prominently as well. As a result, unlike sports that are less organized, the apparel used for hockey teams must follow some established guidelines and socks are no exception.

So here are a few things you should know if you are planning to order some custom hockey socks:

  • The sock model should be tube, also known as knee-high (see picture on the right)
  • The color should be solid and there are usually a couple horizontal stripes toward the top of the sock
  • A team logo is often featured on the side of the sock, with the team name and/or motto
  • The socks should not be made out of cotton to avoid blisters – go for wick-moisture away fabric instead

Finally if you are ordering customized hockey socks for your team, it isn’t a bad idea to order a few extra pairs for fans as they like to wear their favorite team’s colors …