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Custom Socks Wholesale

Since lots of people have been inquiring to check if we could take big orders – and by big I mean big quantities – I just wanted to confirm that it is indeed our core competency.

If you check our site, you can notice that our minimum quantity per order is 50 pairs, which isn’t a lot by industry standards. To be frank, we reduced our minimum quantity from 100 pairs to 50 pairs to make a favor to some of our clients that needed small orders. However, this isn’t even profitable for us and like the few genuine custom sock companies around, we are specialized in custom socks wholesale orders, most of our orders being in the hundreds or thousands range.

As a sidenote, if you found a company that can make just one or a dozen socks for you, be aware that they won’t be real custom socks but pre-made socks on which they put your logo …