Custom Socks No Minimum

A lot of people have been asking us why there is a minimum quantity required when it comes to ordering custom made socks and why we cannot make just a few socks for them. While I understand that some customers might need small quantities of socks, the reason we have minimum requirements is because we are one of the rare real custom socks companies. By this I mean, we will create your custom socks from scratch with your design, just for you, using the same high quality fabric we use for all the sport teams we work with. Because our quality and customization standards are so high, the manufacturing cost would be too high for just a couple socks and we certainly wouldn’t want to charge you outrageous prices in that case. Minimum quantities are therefore a way to offer an affordable price to our customers since the highest the number of pairs ordered the lowest the manufacturing cost per sock will be.

For those who ask us why other manufacturers can make very small quantities for cheap, the answer is that you get what you pay for.  First, they do design your socks just for you: they will just put your design on socks they already have so you won’t get fully customizable socks. Second, they will be poor quality socks made with cheap fabric so don’t even think about using them for sport activities – they won’t last long and might give you blisters …

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for the info as I found most sock manufacturers to be confusing when it comes to minimum and wholesale quantities… I’m suspecting they do it on purpose to force you to contact so again thanks for clarifying this.

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