Custom Socks Discount Coupon Code

Since some of you have been asking us about coupons, I just wanted to remind you that yes, we offer discounts when you use coupon codes. We actually are making it very easy and we always have at least one coupon featured on our site – additional discount codes are available for those who sign up to check our sock prices.

To get our latest coupon, click here and follow the directions – it’s pretty simple and quite fun!

One thought on “Custom Socks Discount Coupon Code

  1. For those interested in getting socks manufactured, there are several other good companies out there. I got the chance to work with Custom-Socks and everything went smoothly. I also had a good experience with this custom knee high manufacturer – I think their prices were slightly higher but their socks were great. I was less happy with a couple other companies – one based abroad which products were pretty poor and another one from Canada which was way overpriced. I’m sure there are plenty of other good companies, just take your time shopping around.

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