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What is the minimum quantity for custom socks orders?

Even though this is clearly stated on all our pages and in our e-mails, this is a question that comes back pretty often so I just wanted to make it clear for everybody:

The minimum quantity per order is 120 …

This means that we cannot take orders below that quantity  and there is, unfortunately, no exception.

By the way, all custom socks must 100% identical within the same order; so we can’t mix colors, designs or sizes within the same order. However, if you need several variations, you can still place several orders, one order for each variation you want.

Custom Knee High Socks Sample

I know some of you are curious to know how the socks we make for our clients look like, so I will post once in a while some pictures of samples we made for customers.

I will start today with some custom knee-high socks (also known as tube socks), which as you can see feature a pretty complex design – this should allows you to also get an idea about the precision of our work. Enjoy!

By the way, if you want to see more pictures, click “pictures”, below Samples, in our website’s navigation.