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Custom Socks No Minimum

A lot of people have been asking us why there is a minimum quantity required when it comes to ordering custom made socks and why we cannot make just a few socks for them. While I understand that some customers might need small quantities of socks, the reason we have minimum requirements is because we are one of the rare real custom socks companies. By this I mean, we will create your custom socks from scratch with your design, just for you, using the same high quality fabric we use for all the sport teams we work with. Because our quality and customization standards are so high, the manufacturing cost would be too high for just a couple socks and we certainly wouldn’t want to charge you outrageous prices in that case. Minimum quantities are therefore a way to offer an affordable price to our customers since the highest the number of pairs ordered the lowest the manufacturing cost per sock will be.

For those who ask us why other manufacturers can make very small quantities for cheap, the answer is that you get what you pay for.  First, they do design your socks just for you: they will just put your design on socks they already have so you won’t get fully customizable socks. Second, they will be poor quality socks made with cheap fabric so don’t even think about using them for sport activities – they won’t last long and might give you blisters …

Custom Socks Wholesale

Since lots of people have been inquiring to check if we could take big orders – and by big I mean big quantities – I just wanted to confirm that it is indeed our core competency.

If you check our site, you can notice that our minimum quantity per order is 50 pairs, which isn’t a lot by industry standards. To be frank, we reduced our minimum quantity from 100 pairs to 50 pairs to make a favor to some of our clients that needed small orders. However, this isn’t even profitable for us and like the few genuine custom sock companies around, we are specialized in custom socks wholesale orders, most of our orders being in the hundreds or thousands range.

As a sidenote, if you found a company that can make just one or a dozen socks for you, be aware that they won’t be real custom socks but pre-made socks on which they put your logo …

Custom Socks Prices

I was noticing that quite a few potential customers were asking us about prices, saying they couldn’t find them on our site so I just wanted to point out that our prices are indeed listed on our site and, in case you are wondering, they are lower than most our competitor’s. You will actually find our prices on each page of our site, under LOW PRICES GUARANTEED or Our Prices … Pretty easy isn’t it? All you have to do is enter your name and email to see our prices, which allows us to keep you updated whenever we are dropping prices or having a coupon.

As a reminder, not only are our prices cheaper but our custom socks do not come with any kind of hidden fee such as setup, conversion rates, etc …

Custom Socks Cuff Heights

Since a few customers have been asking us what is  our custom socks’ cuff height, here is the answer. The cuff height obviously depends on the model and you will find below the standard cuff height for each model, based on what customers usually need. However, since we are a real custom socks company, we can make any cuff height you want. So if you need something specific, whether it’s longer or shorter, it’s no problem either.

Ankle sock cuff height: 2.5 inches

Crew sock cuff height: 6.5 inches

Tube knee-high sock cuff height: 13 inches

Custom Socks Size Chart

Just a quick update that you can now check all the custom sock sizes available for our stretch-to-fit model. This should be pretty useful to help you decide how many orders you should place, depending on sizes. Also, keep in mind that while our famous stretch-to-fit model covers most adult sizes, we can create any size you want, whether it’s male or female, adult or kid and even if it’s not included in the sizing chart.

When to order if you have a deadline

Because lots of our customers need socks for events such as races, games, tournaments, barvitzmas, etc … they are sometime not sure if they should order 8 or 6 weeks before the event as our turn over is 6 to 8 weeks. So to clarify this, here is how it works:

Even though, it often takes around 6 weeks to get an order produced, you should be ordering at least 8 weeks before your event to guarantee you will get your socks on time.

It works the same way for our express orders. Even though it stated as taking 3 to 4 weeks and, usually, only takes 3 weeks, you should at least place your order 4 weeks ahead of your event to guarantee you will be getting your custom design socks on time.

What are the prices to make custom socks?

The prices to get custom socks made vary, depending on the type of sock (ankle, crew, or tube) and the number of pairs ordered.  Currently the minimum quantity is 50 pairs but there is a big price break for 100 pairs, which is why we usually recommend ordering 100 pairs minimum. Then, obviously, the more socks you order, the cheaper the price per sock will be.

Wanna know what our latest prices are? It’s easy, just enter your information in the box featured below “How much it costs”, at the bottom of our custom socks pages, and you will be redirected to our price page!

Socks that wick moisture away

Following a few questions I received, I wanted to confirm for all our clients and potential clients that, just like us, are into sports,  that our custom socks indeed wick moisture away. Our socks are technical socks that are made with 85% Ultra Wicking Acrylic, 10% Spadex and 5% Nylon (it’s like coolmax) so you are in good hands: you won’t get blisters contrary to socks made with cotton.

In case you are wondering, whatever custom sock model you order, you will get the same fabric and quality – and yes, they are durable, resistant and pretty comfortable as well (I obviously wear our socks almost everyday, whatever type of shoes I’m wearing).

What is the turn over time to get custom made socks?

You have two options when it comes lead times:

  • If you choose standard delivery (UPS ground), it will take between 6 and 8 weeks. While it usually takes less than 8 weeks, we recommend to order 8 weeks before your event to make sure you get your socks ahead of your deadline.
  • If you choose express delivery, we will place your order ahead of other orders and you will get your custom made socks in only 3 to 4 weeks. This option is for customers that are in a rush and because it involves an additional fee,  we recommend placing you order early so that you can get standard delivery.

About getting custom socks samples

Since we launched our site, about a year ago, we’ve been getting lots of requests for samples. Most of the time, people just email me a short message saying “send me samples” and then get upset when I ask them a few questions about what they are planning to order.

So even though we obviously send samples to potential clients who might want to check our products’ quality, we just ask you to provide us with some minimum information when contacting us:

  • how many pairs you would like to order (even if it’s a rough estimate).
  • what is your deadline to make sure we could deliver on time if you were ordering with us.
  • send us your logo to ensure we can do it

That’s about it! Also since we get lots of requests and orders, it sometimes happen that we are short in samples. So we will do our best to send you the model you are interested in, otherwise we will send you another model just so that you can check the quality of our material and designs. Also don’t forget to check our custom socks samples page where you can see pictures of some of the models we made for our clients …