About getting custom socks samples

Since we launched our site, about a year ago, we’ve been getting lots of requests for samples. Most of the time, people just email me a short message saying “send me samples” and then get upset when I ask them a few questions about what they are planning to order.

So even though we obviously send samples to potential clients who might want to check our products’ quality, we just ask you to provide us with some minimum information when contacting us:

  • how many pairs you would like to order (even if it’s a rough estimate).
  • what is your deadline to make sure we could deliver on time if you were ordering with us.
  • send us your logo to ensure we can do it

That’s about it! Also since we get lots of requests and orders, it sometimes happen that we are short in samples. So we will do our best to send you the model you are interested in, otherwise we will send you another model just so that you can check the quality of our material and designs. Also don’t forget to check our custom socks samples page where you can see pictures of some of the models we made for our clients …

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